Elections in Peru – What does the Future Hold ?

The next presidential elections are scheduled for April 9, 2006. Only three of the 24 candidates have a chance to make it to the run-off election in May.

In case Lourdes Flores Nano wins, she would be the first female to hold the highest position in the Peruvian state. She represents the interests of Lima’s upper-class.

Public opinion polls show Ollanta Humala is gradually gaining in strength. Being an Ex-military he is pursuing nationalist policies. A few years ago, he and his brother Antauro Humala attempted a coup-d’etat, to topple the then president Fujimoro. In January 2005, Antauro initiated a military rising against president Toledo.

Alan Garcia was the Peruvian between 1985 and 1990. He led Peru to economic ruin and had to flee the country in 1991.

Diospi Suyana is strictly neutral. No matter the outcome, we will try to personally introduce project Diospi Suyana to the new president in June or July.

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