A rare combination for Diospi Suyana


Ophthalmologist Dr Werner Keßler and special education teacher Sonja Keßler

This November the assistant medical director from Ludwigsburg came to see Diospi Suyana for himself.  With a scalpel in hand he and Dr Ursula Buck operate diligently in the operating theatre. In the meantime his wife is in the Colegio Diospi Suyana. The special education teacher would have ample to do in the school, provided family Keßler come back after this short stint in Curahuasi for a longer one.

The tarantula Werner had to do away with was probably not that inviting, neither was the fact that after heavy rainfalls Sonja had to deal with their flooded flat.  But perhaps they had prepared themselves for these and similar kinds of experiences!

Johanna Sophie, their daughter, seemed to enjoy herself.  She beamed during her family’s presentation in the morning service.

Dr Martina John cordially welcomes family Keßler in the morning service.
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