Ramblings through Lima

“Our meeting is no coincidence”

Taxi-driver Julio is bang on time.  It is 3:15 a.m.  We leave my house and I hope that he will drive quickly and, above all, safely so that I won’t miss my flight in Cusco.  4 hours later I hear the pilot speaking: “As the airspace around Lima is overcrowded we will take off in around 40 minutes.”  It makes no difference to me whether I sleep in the taxi or in the aeroplane.

Chris Welch is waiting for me at the airport.  The technician has flown in from Arequipa since his know-how will be of essence today. Our schedule:  visit several companies to discuss aerial towers and Uplink-stations for a satellite connection; our shopping list: two aerial towers (one 30m, the other 36m high).  Doris Manco is waiting for us in the Diospi Suyana Guesthouse with two company representatives and a short while later we are heading to our first company visit in the south of the capital.

“I would like to invite you to our Guesthouse tonight to show you the story of Diospi Suyana,” I say with a firm voice. Engineer Carlos López and his business partner Félix Magallanes are keen: “We are free till 10 p.m.; we will definitely come!“

At the end of a long day the two gentlemen arrive over-punctually.  Jose Rojas (who runs the Guesthouse with his wife) serves us a very strong coffee: I do not want my guests to show signs of sleepiness during my presentation!

The last slide has been shown and the last sentence spoken.  Encouragingly I look my guests in the eye. “Our meeting in our company this morning was no coincidence,” muses director Félix Magallanes.  “A very challenging business year for us is coming to a close. At times we had problems paying our staff.  I prayed a lot and because of that God sent you to us!”

Astounded I look at the Peruvian.  I had not expected this answer.  But he is right: God cares for all Peruvian company directors, who trust in him. /KDJ

The midnight hour is near.  The last presentation in the Diospi Suyana Guesthouse.
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