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Radio Diospi Suyana

Diospi Suyana’s prayer night broadcast over 17 frequencies

With many listeners from all over Peru

Diospi Suyana’s prayer night that was broadcast to many regions of Peru via our own 6 FM-frequencies and 11 further radio stations started at 9p.m. sharp.  Doris Manco and her team had prepared the programme lasting 8 hours meticulously.  Don Pedro Ferreira García, who founded Peru’s national prayer movement 32 years ago, rang in from Lima and opened the programme.  He said that due to the current tense political situation prayer is especially important.

Dr Klaus John reported from medical student Qori Sauñe. Her father played a key role in translating the Bible into the Quechua spoken by those Indians living in the Region Ayacuchos.  Terrorists from the Shining Path murdered him because of his faith in 1992.  In Diospi Suyana’s morning service on 10th January 2011 Qori said to a moved audience: “The terrorists killed my father, but I am standing here to declare to you that I forgive my father’s murderers!”  The director of the Hospital Diospi Suyana explained that Christians are called to forgive their enemies.  This exhortation given by Christ has never been more current than just before the Peruvian presidential election.

Among the many statements Curahuasi’s Catholic priest found fitting words: a Marxist takeover of the government is possible.  During these hard times the Catholic and Protestant Churches are standing united side by side.

At midnight the members of staff prayed for God’s blessing for both Presidential candidates Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Castillo.  During the night listeners could call in and tell us about their personal situations.  All of them were prayed for.

Diospi Suyana’s prayer night (Vigilia) takes place every first Friday of the month.  Prayer is not only an expression of our trust in God, but also the secret to our immense success.  This amazing broad impact made through our hospital, school and media centre can be described by one expression: God’s blessing. / KDJ.

Doris Manco, head of Diospi Suyana’s media centre, speaks live to the listeners.   In the background Pastor Alberto Cuellar is waiting to start his address.
“We pray for Peru. Let us all join together in prayer” – that was the poster for the vigilia.
The prayer night could also be followed via mobile whilst sitting in bed.
Comfort, encouragement and communal prayer.
A member of  Diospi Suyana’s staff speaks to a listener who is telling her a prayer request.