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Radio Diospi Suyana

Diospi Suyana is a big team

And has many supporters

Roughly 270 staff coming from many different countries work at the Hospital Diospi Suyana, the Diospi-Suyana-School and the Media Centre.  Their creative efforts combine to make a colourful and varied picture that makes Diospi Suyana so attractive.  Many support Diospi Suyana on a voluntary basis.  A European TV-team took the above photo on 10th October 2019 when it was preparing a documentary for ZDF’s (the German equivalent of BBC2) donation gala.

Roughly 230 companies have supported Diospi Suyana be it through donations in kind or financially.  The following link gives an overview of all the companies, based worldwide, who have generously helped us.  It is a long and impressive list.  It is remarkable that 75% of the total support that Diospi Suyana has received has come from private individuals.  Currently 1,108 housewives, students, retired persons and pupils make up Diospi Suyana circle of donors.  Without their monthly financially support we would never in a month of Sundays have been able to care for the 414,000, mainly poor, patients.

Wir danken für Sach- und Geldspenden …

A full room in Freudenstadt in March 2020. Diospi Suyana has friends in many countries

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