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Radio Diospi Suyana

5 years after first making contact they have arrived – Family Werner

Dr Steffen picked the three of them up from Cusco Airport

All their personal belongings are tidily packed up behind them.  The steps leading upwards will bring them to their new abode.  For years the flat above the dental clinic has been home to Diospi Suyana’s technical head.  If during the next few years an alarm is sounded anywhere, Klaus-Peter Werner will be the first who will start running.  His Columbian wife Martha is a psychologist and could find more work than she could handle both at the hospital as well as in the school.  Their son Danilo can start looking out for new friends.

In February 2016 the Werners first knocked on our door.  But good things need time.  Klaus-Peter who comes from Dillenburg spent years working in the building sector with a special emphasis on wood processing.

We wish the new arrivals sufficient sleep to overcome the jetlag.  Then they can unpack their suitcases at leisure.  And then?  Well then, it is roll up your sleeves and off you go; what else?