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Diospi Suyana Fans to the core

Creative dreaming on the beach

Head of school Christian Bigalke sits at his desk most of the time even during his holidays!  It is his own fault.  Currently he is enjoying a beach holiday with his wife Verena and his two daughters near Trujillo – a wonderful location.  Finally he is no longer in school and can let the wind and the waves take control of his thoughts.

But what is even more surprising is the fact that his daughters Maryse and Lisanne immortalise the village of Curahuasi including Diospi Suyana’s buildings on the beach.  Perhaps their work of art will survive until the next high tide, who knows.

If school girls lovingly model Diospi Suyana’s school and hospital during their holidays then they must be positively inclined to our work; and that is a good thing.

Curahuasi’s landscape with Diospi Suyana’s buildings as seen on a beach in northern Peru.
Diospi Suyana‘s logo in the sand.