Diospi Suyana expands…

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…into the textile sector; the fourth after the medical, educational and media sectors

The social worker Debora Center organises regular women’s crochet meetings.  The Indian women enjoy this arty activity which puts no limits on their imagination.  A couple of years ago crocheted egg-warmers were put into the envelopes, which contained the Diospi Suyana Christmas Round Robin.  The response of our readers was incredible.

A couple of days ago Annete Böttger took over 300 textile products to Germany, which can be obtained in return for a donation from our home office: the following handicrafts are on offer: 4 oven mitts, 6 pairs of baby shoes, 7 toilet paper/ pack of tissues (Tempo)-covers, 10 small and 10 large jewelry holders, 50 spectacle cases, 51 snowflakes, 60 Christmas tree balls und 170 small hats (egg warmers).

The sales revenues will be given to the hard-working, crocheting women.

Crocheting for the fun of it.
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As of now your egg will no longer get cold.
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In these jewelry holders your diamond necklace can finally show its true colours.
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Snowflakes: the countdown to Christmas has passed the 90 day mark.
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These Christmas tree balls will make your tree unique.
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Just the right thing for your tempo packet.
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