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Radio Diospi Suyana

Andahuaylas – the land for the aerial tower is purchased


Fifth time lucky!

The sun has long set behind the mountains.  As nightfall approaches the yellow lights of the city of Andahuaylas shine into the grey-black night sky.  One could almost feel Christmas is in the air.  Three figures are standing on the top of a mountain praying in Dutch, Spanish and German: Oebele de Haan, Doris Manco and Dr. Klaus John are thanking God for the successful purchase.  This afternoon, after several exhausting weeks, they have finally been able to purchase the plot of land (100m²) for Diospi Suyana on which the aerial tower should be built.  170,000 potential listeners live in the transmission mast’s catchment area.  It won’t be long until they can listen to the Diospi Suyana programme on their radios.

The group photo was taken at the notary.  Family Carreño have never sold a piece of land of their hill before: up until this point they had always leased it.  But after having heard one of Dr. John’s talks and reading the book “Dios es visible“ (I have seen God) they made a big exception.  Sr. Carreño, a former priest, is 91 years old and was gripped by the story: “We must help this work; God is supporting the people of Diospi Suyana!” he announced in his family circle and accordingly signed the sale contract.  That same morning his wife had flown in from Lima in order to sign her name on the document.

The mileage on the car after 5 trips to Andahuaylas was 2,500km higher!  At the end of the day God rewarded our efforts.

Family Carreño, left of them Dr Klaus John, right of them Doris Manco. Oebele de Haan took the photo.