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Radio Diospi Suyana

Diospi Suyana celebrates the 12th anniversary of the hospital…

… and inaugurates the new operating theatres and the 2nd storey of the Media Centre

When has something like this happened before?  Yesterday the Diospi Suyana staff celebrated three important events at once: that the Hospital Diospi Suyana exists for 12 years and officially opened the two new operating theatres and the Media Centre extension.  On top of that 250 people participated in the yearly company celebration.

The programme that lasted six hours was a mixture of songs, speeches and games.  The missionary doctors John thanked all members of staff most cordially for their hard and successful work over the past dozen years.  The staff members of the building-team, the service department and the cleaning-team were given presents and honorary diplomas.

Strengthened by a hearty lunch the missionaries and staff competed in various sporting activities.  This allowed everyone to tuck into the high-calorie birthday cake with a good conscience!

Headed by Marion Hofmann, Jennifer Frank, Susi Rottler and Dr Martina John many creative people had prepared the event very lovingly.  Everyone who took part agreed that it was a successful party.

A puppet theatre explained the state of play of the new projects.
Dr John, arriving from Australia the day before, thanked all members of staff for their excellent work done during the past 12 years.  Diospi Suyana is a proof of God’s provision and care. (Dr M. Böker)
Dr Martina John honours the building crew headed by Udo Klemenz.
The teachers of the Diospi-Suyana-School perform a folk-dance.
Auch einige Patienten feierten mit. (Bild Susi Rottler)
The children also enjoyed themselves. (Picture Dr Miriam Böker)
Oebele de Haan and Irma, head of the cleaning team, cut the red ribbon outside the operating theatres.
At 12:27p.m. Udo Klemenz and Doris Manco mastered the same task in the Media Centre.
Queuing for lunch.
Distributing the food. Nelli Klassen and Susi Rottler love the task assigned to them.
Cutting the birthday cake.
Games for the grown-ups.
Children’s face are being painted.