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One defect leads to the next

A case of endocarditis (inflammation of the lining membrane of the heart)

Nestor is 10 years old and is ill.  Every evening he is shaken by fever.  His body size and weight are on the 3rd percentile, i.e. 97% of his peers are bigger and heavier than he is.  When he was admitted to the Hospital Diospi Suyana a week ago Dr Martina John immediately heard a loud heart murmur.  John Lentink, a specialist for heart ultrasound examinations, subsequently examined the patient.

The Indian boy suffered from a ventricular septum defect.  A hole in the dividing wall between the two heart chambers allowed blood to flow from left to right.  As this membrane was porous thrombocytes (blood platelets) had become layered and this small clot subsequently had become infected by bacteria.  Often the reason for bacteriae flooding into the blood stream is bad teeth hygiene.

Now the boy is receiving three strong antibiotics through his vein and has had no fever for a couple of days.  We wish him a continuing good recovery.