An extreme family or shear madness

50 000 Socken Gruppenbild

Crime Scene: Melbourne in Australia

Gary and Jane Berry live in Melbourne with their two children Sara and Josh. A few months ago they read the Diospi Suyana kids’ book (Hope in the Andes) as a bedtime story. Every single week Josh (9) tells his mother that he really wants to see the Diospi Suyana hospital some time.

One week ago the Berrys hear an interview with Dr John on their local Light FM radio station. “Wait a minute, isn’t that the guy from the book?” and Jane jumps to the computer and begins to surf. The parents decided that if Dr John was presenting in Sydney, they would put the kids in the car and drive the 1,900km round trip to see him!

Jane is persistent and so after another hour on the internet she found the contact details for the Australian visit representaive Chris and Sandi Welch who informed her that out that Dr John will hold a presentation in the German Lutheran Church in Melbourne on Sunday morning but has some available time after that in the afternoon before his next presentation.

Three days later the Berry family organized a presentation in Melbourne themselves. They invited a group via Facebook and some 30 interested people respond.  An wonderful afternoon was had and in the end a group photo was taken with the entire family.

We also discover Josh is 9 years old but despite his youth, he know that 23,000 homeless people live in Melbourne and he wants to help them.  So he believes that everyone without a roof over their head need clean dry socks.  Josh arranges a programme to provide two pairs of socks for each homeless person, meaninging he needs to find 50,000 pairs of socks and distribute them. He makes his own website and gets to work arranging socks from a wide and varied number of supporters.  To date (8 November, 2015) he has collected over 2,000 pairs of socks.

Contact – 2 Pairs Each

Josh Berry, P.O. Box 1360,
Frankston, Victoria, 3199

Hasn’t the world taught us that a single person can’t save the world?  How many of us have believed that?  The Berrys are convicted Christians.  That is why they know what is impossible in the natural can be made possible with God’s help.  Josh is in the process of improving the living standard of 23,000 people in Melbourne.  This may be in his genes, as he seems to have copied this enthusaism from his family.  Years ago, his sisters accomplished to organize 33,000 children’s books for boys and girls in Cambodia.

Wouldn’t it be great, if lots of our Diospi Suyana friends would visit Josh’ website. A package with socks or an online donation is not too difficult.  The crazyness can continue and I truly hope that Josh can soon collect the next thousand socks. /KDJ

Explanation to the photo above: The Berry family in the centre, Dr. Klaus on the left and Chris Welch on the right. Josh is the smallest in the photo, but in reality the greatest.

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