Our case of the week: obstetric fistula

Patientin mit Balken und Doktores slider

Diospi Suyana congratulates its surgeon team

Last Tuesday urologist Dr David Brady and gynaecologist Dr Jens Haßfeld along with their respective assistants operated on a 66-year old patient who had two obstetric fistulae.

They were formed 27 years ago after a complicated birth, because the baby’s head had pressed onto the tissue.  The connection between the womb and the bladder can be seen clearly to the left and to the right of the middle line on the below picture.

The operation, which lasted two hours, was made more difficult due to the fistulae being so close to the mouth of one Ureter and the Urethra.

On the group photo next to the patient you can see the happy assistants: Dr. Carlo Marquez and Dra. Barbara Cardenas, both of whom studied at Cayetano University.  To the right: Dr Jens Haßfeld and Dr David Brady.

Zwei Loecher in der Blase slider
The bladder catheter in yellow.  Beneath it the two fistulae between the bladder and the vagina.
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