The “Homeschooling-Club”

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And why it’s not elitist at all

For two weeks the German Diospi Suyana students have been meeting in the Homeschooling-club from 3 pm to 4.30 pm. The only reason for the groups exclusiveness is the fact that no other Curahuasino speaks German. They don’t play tennis or golf, as most German clubs in South America do. On the contrary: The children diligently study German grammar and spelling. They focus on math and the older students even study specific classes with material provided by the German correspondence school. In order for that to work a competent team of teachers (consisting of Maria Schmidtpott, Verena Bigalke and Damaris Brudy – from left to right) has put a lot of thought and time into creating a weekly work schedule which the students can follow together with their parents at home. When they gather for their regular club meetings, they revise and correct their completed work as well as receive new tasks.

The concern is very elementary: the missionary children should have the chance to easily continue their studies after their family’s return to Germany. The Diospi Suyana school wants to reach a high level of education with God’s help. Nonetheless you cannot expect a miracle after 2 years when you found a school in a country which ranked last in the PISA study.

Your prayer for the missionary children is important! These young ones grow up in a different culture and have to master everyday school life in a foreign language. Their teachers are equally challenged. They face and overcome the same difficulties while they help the students. (By Director Christian Bigalke)

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Loving support and supervision by the teacher Damaris Brudy (on the right)
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