Invitation from the German National Academic Foundation

Boekers red

Intense moments in auditorium 3044

Tuesday evening at the university of Freiburg. The German National Academic Foundation organized a public lecture. The background was the upcoming departure of the doctors Tim and Miriam Boeker to Peru. On that occasion Dr. John told once more the story of Diospi Suyana. Not one participant was left untouched. The missionary doctor gave God all the credit for the providence and miraculous encounters the hospital has experienced.

Klaus und Rita Andris
The birthday girl Rita Andris from Elzach (on the right)

Subsequently, several participants introduced themselves. One of them was Rita Andris. It was her birthday. She brought her 30 guests from Elzach to the presentation. A truly mobile party group. Instead of asking for presents she encouraged her friends to support Diospi Suyana.

Many students among the audience were considering serving as missionaries in the hospital in the future. Surely several will find their way to the Andes.

Diospi Suyanan wishes the family Boeker a successful preparation for their prospective service in Curahuasi. Since both of them work full time as doctors, the final stretch in Germany will not be easy for the family of four. This evening however showed that the traumatologist and the gynecologist have a lot to offer in terms of organizational and logistic skills.

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