Dental Health Starts With Recognition

Dr. Luckow writes: Thanks to the excellent work of our anesthesiologist, two-year Brenda was smiling when she came to the OR to be placed on the operating table. My two assistants Lesmy and Rina supported me throughout the preoperative work as well as during the surgery.

I was working for three hours straight, and was able to put in ten fillings, perform a teeth cleaning, and pull the four front teeth. Due to the small size of the little girl’s mouth and the number of instruments needed (mirror, suction device, drill, tube, etc), it was sometimes hard to see, which made the procedure quite exhausting. But the girl was well when she woke up, she was so well that she mmediately requested some food.

Since the dental situation of many kids is equally catastrophic, we named Fridays our Teeth Cleaning Day. It is essential that the parents recognize the importance of oral hygiene and bring their kids for regular check ups.

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