Thankful children write letters to their sponsors

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Sponsorships allow poor children to attend school

You could looked at it as a daring experiment. At Diospi Suyana school, children from rich and poor families learn together.  Many of the disadvantaged students have a sponsor who pays their monthly school fees for them.  Together with a thank you note, their sponsors in Germany, the U.S. and Peru receive a certificate with a picture of the sponsored child as well as a personal letter from the boy or girl.

For us it may be hard to imagine that most of these children have never written a letter to anyone, let alone received one.  Social worker Carolin Klett writes that the pupils were “full of enthusiasm,” even though they had to make a special visit to the school in the afternoon.

The sponsor has a special significance in the life of the child.  The message is: “You are important.”  This support, of course, creates a high level of motivation in those little ones. More information about sponsoring a child can be found in the menu bar above.

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