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Curahuasi – German bread from a Saxonian bakery

Matthias Kügler and Marco Bierke know the best bread recipes

For a while now my wife has bought bread and small bread loaves from the missionary hospital’s bakery.  They taste so good that I simply had to investigate how the two bakers do it.  Matthias Kügler, janitor of the Diospi-Suyana-School, has come on in leaps and bounds in the supreme art of bread-making that he can truly be called a master.

This morning together with Marco Bierke the two Saxonians baked 600 small bread loaves and 40 loaves of bread.  An amount that could easily compete with any bakery in the German countryside.  To date this amount has never been baked in our hospital kitchen and as the quality and taste is exquisite one can expect the demand to continue to grow.  Since, he who can bake 600 small bread loaves can also bake 900, not to mention that 1,000 is a nice round number!  We congratulate Matthias and Marco to this result and I will stop writing now, since I simply have to enjoy the next small bread loaf! /KDJ

Tuesday evening: Matthias Kügler prepares the dough.
All the ingredients have been meticulously weighed.
Small bread loaves for anyone who wants them.
Head chef Marco Bierke knows that these small bread loaves are delicious.
The oven does the rest.  Two Saxonians in the hospital’s kitchen.
Variety is the spice of life.  Appetising and delicious.
A diet of small bread loaves: ideal for losing weight.
The sun rises and the hard work done early that morning can be admired.