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Container#69 has been packed and sealed

13th November Antwerp – 6th December Lima/Callao

Lots of good things for all of our departments are heading to Peru.  But the question remains as to whether Customs will release all the boxes and furniture in time for Christmas.  Peruvian bureaucracy works slowly and seems to slow down as the year-end draws nearer.

Yesterday morning the following six volunteers showed their muscles in the warehouse: Detlev Hofmann, Thomas Kaal, Simon Undt, Markus Müller, Konrad Böttger and Olaf Böttger; names to be remembered and that would be an asset to your team, should you ever need to pack a 40-foot container!

A “dankeschön“ to our valiant friends and the company Medipool that stores our donations in kind free of charge.  Now we wish the ship’s captain a speedy and safe crossing.

The faces speak volumes: loading a container is fun!