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Radio Diospi Suyana

Weather – okay; progress – brilliant

Protocol from the kindergarten building site

Hello dear Diospi Friends, yesterday we concreted the screed in the entire outer entrance area.  Next week the access ramp stands on our to-do list and then the concrete-works will be nearing completion.  The eastern façade has been plastered; the western façade is nearly complete.

In the upstairs main hall 95% of the floor tiles have been laid.  Once the doors are in place the end profiles and skirting tiles will be put in place.  The soffit is ready for the painter and plasterer and the electrician is busy wiring the empty conduits.

The plumber continues installing further sanitary items.  The dividing walls for the toilets will be put in place in two weeks.  Putting the windows and doors in place is unfortunately not progressing as quickly as we had hoped.  We expect that the subcontractor will not be able to make the agreed deadline and will thus have to pay the contractual penalty.

On Tuesday the necessary parts for the lift-shaft finally arrived and the work there resumed.  Wishing you a relaxing and blessed weekend, Udo.

Screed works in the entrance area.

The drainage channel runs in front of the balustrade

Plastering works on the western façade.
Above: the smoothed festival hall’s roof is ready to be painted; below: floor tiles cover the floor.
Tiling work where the hall meets the foyer.
Painting in the tea-kitchen.
A urinal is being hung up in the boys’ toilet.
Entrance to one of the group rooms.
Work on the elevator shaft has been taken up again.