Civil engineer Johannes Bahr and his 4th project at Diospi Suyana

Of course on a voluntary basis!

The clock is already approaching 7 pm. At his desk, a civil engineer reviews his latest designs.

Anyone who looks into the annals of history will know that Johannes Bahr is not an unknown quantity at Diospi Suyana. He worked at the Diospi Suyana School in 2014 as an adjunct to Udo Klemenz. In 2015, he built the lower two floors of the Diospi Suyana Media Center. In Lima, he led the renovation of the Diospi Suyana guesthouse.

He has set his sights high for the next few weeks. Campsite 1 still lacks sanitary facilities for the planned youth festival. A water cistern is also part of its program. And finally, another camp is to be built into the hillside behind the hospital. A place for about 250 large tents and 110 folding benches.

If the Bavarian masters his tasks with flying colors (which we suspect he will), then we will certainly hire him for another construction project. In terms of payment, we remain at the same level – crises or no crises – namely 0 euros. /KDJ

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