The Aerial Tower Site is nearly completed

2 Brandschutzplatten zur Isolierung
And the next project is waiting in the wings

Dear Diospi Suyana Friends, another week full of activity on our various fronts has flown by.

Our work on the Aerial Tower Site is nearly finished.  The roof for the small hut within the surrounding walls has been covered and the two steel doors are in place.  By the middle of next week we will have finished the outside plastering work; then we only have to paint the hut and erect the razor-sharp wire mesh on top of the wall.

In the Hospital’s New Storey all window frames are in place.  Unfortunately however we will be delayed again: a new decree states that we must use laminated safety glass.  Fortunately the windows are glazed after their frames are in place and the window constructor is prepared to use the glass panes, which are ready cut and already on site, somewhere else.

In the second stage of construction the screed is continuing to be applied and the bathrooms are being tiled.

Wishing you a blessed weekend, Udo

1 Beide Unimogs im Einsatz an der Antenne
The unimog in action at the Aerial Tower Site
3 Das Dach wird gedeckt
The roof is being covered.


4 Sand sieben von Hand, in Deutschland unvorstellbar
Sieving by hand – inconceivable in Europe.


5 Nicht mehr benoetigtes Material wird abgefahren
Material no longer needed is removed from the site.


6 Eingebautes Schiebefenster noch ohne Glas
A window frame waits for its glass panes.


7 Kalt- und Warmwasserinstallation vor dem Einbringen des Estrichs
Hot and cold water pipes before the screed is applied.


8 Wandfliesen in einem Patientenbad
Wall tiles in a patient bathroom.


9 Am Montagmorgen warten Hunderte Menschen auf Einlass ins Hospital
Monday morning: hundreds wait to be admitted into the Hospital.
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