Breaking news: Diospi Suyana on air in Anta province

Diospi- Suyana- Radio/TV now broadcasts its program over 11 towers

Mount Imillay is located high above the plateau of Anta province. The driveway is a real challenge even for a four-wheel drive car. Setting up the antennas and equipment took many hours of time. But yesterday afternoon (from left to right : top row) Roberto Palomino, Doris Manco, Donato Cabrera (bottom row) David Hanco, Victor Moreno and Lino Leiva stood in front of the camera with a proud attitude. They had carried out the order. By the way, the photo was taken by tower climber Rogelio Flores.

Diospi Suyana Radio is finally a reality in the province of Anta. We recommend the frequency 90.9 FM to all people in this area of the state of Cusco. We congratulate our friends on this great success and pat them appreciatively on their tired shoulders.

Diospi Suyana has also undergone an amazing development in the media world. Hundreds of thousands of Peruvians can receive our program in five states. The next destination is a tower above the big city of Ayacucho. With patience and prayer, it will not take much longer. /KDJ

In the morning on the hospital grounds: The large control cabinet is being charged.
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The parabolic antenna is in communication with the satellite at an altitude of 38,000 km.
The radio tower of Diospi Suyana on the mountain Imillay.
The left tower is the 11th facility of Diospi Suyana.



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