A thank you to all Diospi Suyana enthusiasts

Over 1,700 actions in several countries by private individuals

It is almost unbelievable what people of good will have put together for Diospi Suyana. We will never know the background of many initiatives. A referral without info and that was it. The story in advance remains unknown. But according to our database, hardworking friends have organized over 1,700 parties, celebrations, markets, etc. in favor of our work in Peru. The total of these generous grants so far amounts to over 1.3 million euros.

The second phenomenon is the fact that the value of Diospi Suyana’s infrastructure – including services – far exceeds the total of all donations (about $43 million). It was the care of God and streams of heart blood that created a flourishing work. Hospital, school, children’s clubs, media center and festivals have encouraged, healed, changed and promoted. The results in the name of faith can be described with one word: blessing!

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