The Bigalke Family

Bigalkes Ankunft

Moving moments – lasting effects

In September 2013 Christian and Verena Bigalke relocated to Peru with plans to manage Diospi Suyana School there after its inauguration in March 2014. What exactly led them to take this step?

As for Christian, it was while he was standing in front of an abandoned factory building in Nicaragua that he realized for the first time that one day he wanted to run a school in a developing country. At the time, it was a pastor who shared with him his plan to found a school on the ruins of that building. Taking in the sight of those dark walls in ruins, a certainty welled up inside of him to call a school into being himself. This encounter goes back more than 10 years.

Verena remembers a mission trip to Ruanda in 1994, shortly after the genocide. With all those black children around her amid incredible suffering there, she heard the call to missionary service.

Sometimes it’s just moments that can change us completely and set the course for our lives.


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