Johannes Bahr leads us through the first floor

Der Blick aus der Totalen
So far, so good

Dear Diospi Suyana friends and readers of the building report, over the past two weeks, some changes have been made at the construction site. Today, the last lintels were concreted and the last stone of the EC was set. Everything is going according to plan. Hopefully, the image will give you a bit of an idea of how things are progressing.

Let’s start in the top left. Here, the double doors lead to a triangular reception room with a bar and sitting area. From there you can either proceed through the grand staircase to the second floor or follow the passage that opens into a triangular anteroom. To the right of the hall are two recording studios and a control room. To the left of the hall are two toilets, a cleaning chamber, and an office. At the front of the recreation room, there are three doors. The first door leads to the archive (above right), the middle door leads to the TV section bureau, and the last door leads to the two-story television studio (large pentagonal room). Behind is the so-called “backstage,” a narrow space large enough for a dressing table and a toilet. There is also a door leading outside.

This is the first floor; in a few weeks, we will have the plan for the second floor.

I wish you all a good and blessed week, Johannes

Der Blick in das TV-Studio ist jetzt noch etwas trostlos
The future TV-studio
Die Alpacas freuen sich ueber Nachwuchs
The new Alpaca baby is watching the construction.
Die letzten Steine werden gesetzt
The last stones of the first floor
Die Betonbalken werden aufgeraut um das verputzen spaeter zu erleichtern
Almost ready for the ceiling.
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