UTEA moves closer to Diospi Suyana

UTEA Plakat im Saal
650 students and teachers hear about the hospital of faith

It was a marathon of 500 miles through the mountains with presentations in three cities. Thanks to the invitation of the Rector of the “Universidad Tecnológica de los Andes”, Dr. John shared his book “Dios es visible” in Abancay, Andahuaylas, and Cusco. Through television, radio, and the press, the presentations had been heavily advertised. Large wall posters explained the three locations of the presentations, which were held on Thursday and Friday. Although the participation of the students was optional, a total of 650 students and faculty members turned up at the event.

Each program was followed by several short speeches from professors who acknowledged the importance of Diospi Suyana, especially for the poor population in the highlands. After the presentation in Andahuaylas, Dr. John said:

“Of course, we have been working hard. But they also work hard as students and faculty. We often had to deal with great difficulties, and so did they. But the message of Diospi Suyana teaches us that God is real. He knows our secret tears and hears our prayers when we take him seriously. I suggest that you all read a chapter in the New Testament every night and turn to God in prayer!”

Rector Roman Trujillo announced that the University would support the work of Diospi Suyana with 10,000 Soles ($3300). At his request, the UTEA bought 700 books for the students. After the three-hours ceremony in Abancay, Dr. John received the Order “Juan Espinoza Medrano” in recognition of his contribution to the Peruvian society. In his acceptance speech, the missionary doctor pointed out the role of his wife Martina. While he is often on the road, she embraces the true soul of the hospital. (See report on the website of UTEA)


The UTEA is a secular university with nearly 10,000 students and strong growth trends.

Vortrag UTEA Abancay2
A folk dance in the auditorium of the University UTEA in Abancay.
Buecher bei UTEA
Thick stack of books “Dios es visible” (I have seen God)
UTEA Schlange
Long lines in the three auditoriums for presentations. Here in Cusco. Dr. John signed over 500 books. The University had bought 700 books in advance.
Spruchband UTEA
Large banners on the walls on campus in Abancay, Andahuaylas, and Cusco.
Awards Ceremony. On the right the Rector of UTEA, Dr. Ramiro Trujillo Roman.
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