Ultimate is being played on the sports pitch


Watched by two secret spectators

Going for a walk in the dark is a fun thing to do.  Homeward bound my wife and I pass by the flood-lit sports pitch of the Diospi Suyana School, on which an ultimate match is being played.  Whilst watching the keen youngsters through the fence I start to reminisce.

This sports pitch kept many of us busy for three years.  Architects planned and engineers built it.  A drainage system and sewage pipes were installed.  Daniel Dressler with his team of gardeners covered the area with plants and grass.  But every step along the way took a lot of time and was difficult.

The players who are running across the flood-lit pitch have no idea of all this.  They simply enjoy the sport facilities next to the Colegio.  They do not have an inkling of sweat of the workers who made their sporting events possible.

But it is the same in all projects that we are working on.  The patients who impatiently demand to be let into our hospital compound have no idea of the hospital’s long previous history and the big sacrifices of our donors and friends.  Those tuning into our radio station listen to the programme without wasting a thought on how Diospi Suyana’s Media Centre came into being.

All in all the efforts of the past years vanish into the mist of oblivion.  And at some point even we ourselves will be eradicated from humankind’s collective consciousness.  I recently read an interview with Anthony Hopkins.  He said that most of his colleagues want to be immortalised through their acting; an interesting thought.

We do find immortality however with God.  An old German hymn translated goes: “Everything is vanity, but you Lord and those whom you write in the book of life remain.”/KDJ

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