At the end of the year: Pater Franz Prosinger from Peru

Dear John family! They have sent me an article about your project. I would like to congratulate you and I wish you God’s blessing. I work in a parish in Ccapi, where the Santo Tomás river and the Apurímac river meet. In the “posta de salud” (public health clinic) they treat the indigenous people like third class citizens. If need comes up they are transferred to the Antonio Lorena Hospital in Cusco. There they are not treated until they cry for pain. The relatives have to sell their last cow to pay the arbitrary price.

I work with the “Servants of the poor in the third world” of Pater Giovanni Salerno. If our sick children need a complex operation we transport them via air to Lima. (I assume that) your hospital in Curahuasi will be swamped by the indigenous people of the surrounding areas very soon.

God bless! Yours sincerely, Pater Franz Prosinger

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