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An extreme-left candidate is leading in the Peruvian presidential elections

Run-off on the 6th June

Turbulent times await Peru.  The left-politician Pedro Castillo won the most votes of the 18 candidates competing in yesterday’s presidential election.  He and his party want to nationalise key industries and aim to control the media.  Economist Hernando de Soto and businessman Rafael López Aliaga are neck-a-neck for second place.  The final result is expected this evening.  The Peruvian people will make the final decision on the 6th June between the two candidates who win the most votes.

The continuing corruption scandals in Lima have brought about a radicalisation of public opinion.  In 2017 Pedro Castillo organised a teachers’ revolt that lasted for two months and that brought several brutal scenes onto the TV-screens.  It is said that the union leader has contacts to the former terror organisation “the shining path”.

Some cars on Curahuasi’s Plaza de Armas bearing the symbol of the party “Peru Libre”, the pencil.