A project week of superlatives

17 creative groups made you want to go to school again

Hundreds of enthusiastic parents and friends of Diospi Suyana School visited the school’s showrooms on October 21. What 17 student groups had put together in the days before was indeed remarkable. Everyone participated, from 1st grade to 11th grade.

The content of the topics covered was quite diverse. There were natural science projects (hummingbirds, hot air balloons, car propulsion) but also some social outreach that benefited many poor residents of local mountain villages. Theater, art and play culture for young and old set free ideas that fired the imagination. Of course, it was also about the high culture of the Incas, regional geography and exotic food.

The exposition convincingly showed how entertaining and educational school can be. A thank you to the directors Matthias Rehder, Jonathan Rosenkranz and Nicolás Sierra and the entire staff. No wonder the student body is growing larger every year. We will probably reach another milestone next year with 500 students.

A hot air balloon is made.
A simulated trip to Burkina Faso of course with a corresponding African dish
Making animal masks from the environment of Bukina Faso
Exploration of the fauna and flora at a lagoon
In the footsteps of the Incas. In the background, a church stands on the foundation of an ancient Inca ruin.
Inca treasures are exhibited here.
Question wording: How did children play in the villages before cell phones existed?
Ingenious recreational games are presented.
A hacienda (estate) was visited and then recreated.
Tracking the Hummingbirds. Jonathan Rosenkranz explains the use of high-powered binoculars.
Keyword: car drive. Which car gets the furthest with which technology?
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