A nightmare that did not come true

The radio tower of Diospi Suyana in Cusco is approved

On January 23, Diospi Suyana went on the air in Cusco (pictured above). From an altitude of 3,772 m, we have been beaming “the best news there is” into the urban center of the former Inca metropolis for almost seven months. Between 400,000 and 500,000 people there can – if they want to – receive our program around the clock.

So far so good. But then we received some really bad news a few weeks ago. From expert circles we learned that no further transmitters would be approved on the mountain “Cerro Picchu”. A super blow for our tower. In plain language, we would have had to look for a new property. Platform, wall and tower erected a second time. And again had to solve a problem with the power supply. The bottom line would have been an additional cost of $50,000 to $80,000 and hundreds of extra man-hours.

Yesterday our application for recognition of our site was officially approved. You could say: Checked off! The world just keeps on turning. But our joy and gratitude are great. So our prayers were not in vain. No matter where you live and reside, enjoy a cappuccino now and rejoice with us. /KDJ

Since yesterday evening it is official: Diospi Suyana may keep the location on the mountain “Cerro Picchu”.
Our radio tower with its four antennas above the city of Cusco in the center of the picture
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