A Full Day

Peruvian Vice Secretary of Transportation, Sergio Bravo (right) Department of Transport and Communication Peruvian Institute for Nuclear Energy Health Secretary, Dr Carlos Vallejo (center)

3:15 am: The alarm clock goes off. Shower and getting dressed all with one hand, since the right hand is bandaged.

4:15 am: Getting into a cab to cross the mountains to Cusco.

8:05 am: The plane leaves Cusco airport.

10:30 am: Dr John negotiates with customs officials regarding the import goods on its way to Peru.

12:00 pm: The Peruvian Vice Secretary of Transportation meets with Dr John, and listens to this, his 522nd presentation about Diospi Suyana. Afterwards, the two men discuss how the trucks full of donated goods for the hospital can be imported.

2:15 pm: Dr John visits the APCI agency to hand off his claims for VAT reimbursement for the month of December.

3:30 pm: Dr John gives a presentation at the Institute for Nuclear Energy, and meets with its Director Señor Ramirez. The question is: How can Diospi Suyana get x-ray machines into the country?

4:15 pm: The missionary doctor arrives at the Department of Health.

5 pm: Dr John meets with Health secretary Dr Vallejo to personally update him. They discuss import and licensing issues.

6 pm: Dr John goes back to the APCI agency to talk about how to best get the trucks through customs.

7 pm: Checking email at an internet cafe.

9 pm: Returning to Lima airport.

10 pm: Preparing the sermon for next Sunday in Essen, Germany.

2:30 am: Departure for Toronto, Canada

Before falling asleep, I say a quick prayer, thanking God for all the contacts he has provided. And my hand is less swollen too.