Without An Explanation

Maybe this is the most difficult week in the four-year history of the Diospi Suyana hospital. We do not have enough doctors to treat all the patients who hope to find medical care here. Over the next few days, we might have to send a few hundred patients home without treatment.

It is my turn to lead our devotion. Knowing that ony our general practioner Dr. Dagmar Düsterhöft, gynecologist Jens Hassfeld, an assistant gynecologist and Dr. Lozano from the dental clinic are available, I am expecting an empty church.

But far from it! With more than 100 people, the church is quite full. I am not sure why, given that only patients who have a confirmed appointment can enter the hospital the day of the actual appointment.

My devotion focuses on the story of the Egyptian slave Hagar, who was on the run many thousand years ago, fleeing from the exploitation of her master and mistress, Abram and Sarai. She was pregnant and found herself in the desert – all alone and without hope.

In Genesis 16, the bible tells us that God met Hagar in her desperation, giving her a new outlook. The chapter ends with Hagar saying: “You are the God who sees mit. I have now seen the One who sees me!"

We are laying our own fears and worries about the hospital, the considerable lack of doctors and daily battles with government agencies down at God’s feet. We do so because he is a God who sees. /KDJ 

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