We had no idea


An uncertain future

January 2007.  The scaffolding on which the workmen were standing would never have met European safety standards.  The men were doing the plastering work around various holes in the wall, which should one day be windows.  Above them no roof, but a gaping void.  The opening ceremony was scheduled to be in seven months; the date 31st August had been agreed together with the former First Lady, Pilar Nores.  We led a hand-to-mouth existence.  Would the financial means arrive on time or would the lack of liquidity cause the building efforts to dry up?  Every month we experienced miracle after miracle: there were always enough funds on our accounts.  This situation lasted 26 months.

4,500 people filled the amphitheatre on the day of the opening ceremony.  The total cost of the infrastructure was several million USDs.  But would the patients really come?  Curahuasi is located in the middle of the countryside in a very poor region.  Perhaps we had built a white elephant.

We had no idea.

10 years on we can confirm: 215,000 patient visits and over 0.4 million people (patients and their relatives) have set foot in the church.  Could this development have something to do with the project’s motto: Diospi Suyana – we trust in God?

January 2007: Are we building a white elefant?
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