We set out and realise a dream

An old song is up-to-date again

35 years ago, when my wife and I were part of a church’s youth group, we used to occasionally sing an old song that I cannot find on the www.  Its first two lines were: “we set out and realise a dream, a dream in which we may experience God’s reality…”

I think back to these verses when I read Family Tielmann’s news letter.  The vascular surgeon and the dentist are preparing their departure for Peru.  They write: “We have started clearing out our flat, throwing things away, giving other things away, selling them and putting them into boxes.  It is never easy to get rid of things, but we cannot take everything with us, nor can we put everything into storage!”

If you want to realise a dream you sometimes have to sacrifice and risk a lot.  The person who has his/her sights on God’s reality, does not want to realise his/her own dreams, but exposes his-/herself to God’s will.  It sounds quite holy and that is exactly what it is. /KDJ

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