How do you raise 63 tons from beneath to up above?

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Oebele de Haan found an answer

The contents of 7 containers stored beside and behind the hospital. In just a few weeks the panels should be transferred to underneath the roof of the hospital. But how do we get the heavy panels up to another level? Mechatronic specialist Oebele de Haan showed up at the right time in Curahuasi to work on a solution to this problem. He built a crane and connected it with the cable winch of one of the Unimogs (universal motor machine). Now with a one-handed flip of the switch, while eating a sandwich in the other hand, it can be turned on.

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Das Endprodukt ist ziemlich hoch.

It is not the first time, the Dutch man has used his creative spirit to create/invent something useful. The document transporter between the Emergency room and the archives is in daily use. Emergency exits on first floor of the building make it possible for a quick escape outside in the case of danger. And of course, the credit for the emergency electricity generator in the building, also goes to Oebeles. It lowers the level of noise and serves its purpose.

We sincerely thank Oebele and look forward to future ideas.


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