Container number 51- a great success

Im Container hoch Bild quer

Once again a long journey begins

It was surely a revived proof of the German- French Friendship. The shipping company CMA announced that they would carry the container 51 from Diospi Suyana across the Atlantic free of charge. Previously, the Logistic center DHL in Hamburg had negotiated this initial (free of charge) fare with its valuable contacts. With such great news the packers in the warehouse didn’t want to hold back. Detlev Hoffman, Ben Kühne, Peter Berger, Stefan Beicht from the Heiden, Markus Müller and Olaf Böttgar waived every salary for the loading. The six altruist purposely stacked the many packages in a volume of around 450 squarefeet. No one was paid for the sweat nor did they take pictures.

After a survey by Olaf Böttger the cargo came to a total value of 160,000 US dollars. Thankfully a large amount of the products were sponsored by several companies. They say in the English language: Never change a winning team. With this in mind, we hope to recruit the same successful team for the next Container.

Thank you to all the private parties and companies who were a part of making Container number 51 a great success.

Ansprache Detlev quer
Detlef Hofmann (on the left) gives a strong speech to encourage the volunteers.
Lagerhalle quer
Everything has to fit into the container.
Bis auf Kante
Well done!
Am Ende der Aktion
They know what they have accomplished.
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