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Radio Diospi Suyana

Tuesday – high-ranking meetings with top politicians

What will Wednesday bring?

At 8:15 a.m. the meeting between congressman Sr. Lenin Checco and the missionary doctor Dr John and the head of administration Steven de Jager commenced. An hour later the two of them met with the President of the Peruvian Parliament.  Sr. Manuel Merino de Lama gave us two hours of his precious time. (Picture caption to the above photo (from left to right):  Congressman Sr. Lenis Checco, President of the Peruvian Parliament Sr. Manuel Merino de Lama, Dr Klaus-Dieter John and Steven de Jager).

At 4p.m. TV-Channel 5 filmed an interview with Dr John and a lawyer from Olaechea firm of Solicitors.

The day closed with presenting the history of our mission to the Health Minister Dr Victor Zamora Mesias.  Tomorrow a solution will be sought for at a negotiating table.

TV-channels Willax, N and Panorama are reporting extensively about the difficulties with the regional government and have thrown their lot in with Diospi Suyana.

After 1.2mio Peruvians had visited our websites on social media the calculators of two of our pages were deactivated.  The post with 735,541 visitors was subject to censorship for several hours.  The same phenomenon occurred on a post of our media centre page where we also could not count all those who visited it over several hours.  This is a cause for concern.  Please join us in praying that the missionary hospital’s work can continue without State patronisation during the Corona-crisis.

Interviews in the foyer of TV-Channel 5.  In the picture one can see a lawyer from Olaechea firm of Solicitors.
Giving a presentation to the Health Minister Dr Victor Zamora Mesias (on the left wearing a white shirt) and his team of staff.
From left to right:  Congressman Sr. Lenin Checco, Minister Dr Victor Zamora Mesias and Dr Klaus-Dieter John.