A suit from nowhere

A fine suit for Palace and Congress

On Monday 1st June Steven de Jager and I headed off in the middle of the night planning to reach Lima 14 hours later.  Since my wife Tina’s and my public declaration on 29th May our telephones have not stopped ringing.  A week ago no one imagined what our speech delivered from our radio studio would effect.  As a cautious estimate we reckon that 1.5mio Peruvians have visited our websites on social media; this equates to nearly 5% of the total population of Peru.  This figure excludes all those who heard about it via TV-channels.

Since our “Address to the Peruvian People” a wave of solidarity from private individuals, institutions and people from across the social spectrum is pushing us forwards immensely.  Furthermore, it gives us enormous tailwind for our spontaneously arranged trip to Lima. But somewhere in the middle of the mountains I suddenly realise: in all this stress I totally forgot to pack a suit or a smart combination of clothes into the car!  What a thing to do!  It nearly drives me crazy.

From the city Cañete I call the congressman Lenin Checco who confirms that: “Tomorrow you have a meeting with the President of Congress (Parliament)!”.  “What is the dress-code?” I ask into the small microphone of my telephone.  “Ropa formal – i.e. smart!”

I look down at my dusty jeans and my heart starts to racing.  In Lima all clothes shops are locked and barred due to the curfew.  No chance for me to appear looking presentable for the important meetings with the country’s leading politicians.

I call the number of a lady who has often helped me out of awkward situations: Doris Manco, head of our Media Centre.

“Doris, I need a suit and I need it this evening!”  The conversation is over in 10 seconds, we start the engine of our car and Steven and I continue northwards along the Panamericana.  We know that Doris has a very good heart, but miracles are not her forte.

200km away from us Doris calls a handful of her extended acquaintances in Lima.  They all cannot help, since they have differing body sizes to mine.

Then Doris shuts her eyes and prays: “God, please help me to help my boss!”  Like a flash a thought hits her: “Irma Agurto.”  Over the past few years this head secretary has proved her love to Diospi Suyana several times.  Perhaps she can help!

Doris calls Irma and ten minutes later she is told the good news: “Yes, I have a suit for you. Fernando Gallegos is 1,80m tall and weighs 83kg.  He insists on delivering his suit personally to Diospi Suyana’s guest house!”

I do not know Fernando Gallegos personally, but he is giving me his outfit that he wears for weddings and funerals!

We reach the guest house at 6:30 p.m. and there in the cupboard I find: the suit, ironed shirts, cufflinks and black shoes!  Absolutely incredible. The suit jacket fits perfectly and discreetly hides the somewhat too wide trouser legs.  The suit’s length is perfect.  Now the conversations in Lima can start.

The Prime Minister, the President of Congress, the Health Minister, six congressmen, reporters, journalists and Channel 5’s TV-audience can admire my suit.  It did not come from nowhere, but directly from heaven.

God has a solution to every problem!/KDJ

(Picture caption: Robert Villas, head of our guest house, proudly holds up “my suit”!)

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