The winners of our radio competition experienced an amazing day in Curahuasi

All participants were happy and content

Some had had quite a long journey to reach the missionary hospital, but all their efforts were worth it.  Under Doris Manco’s headship the winners of our radio competition enjoyed wonderful hours in the World Capital of Aniseed.  Jenny Frank guided the interested visitors through most of our hospital’s departments.  In the TV-studio the guests could ask Diospi Suyana’s visionary Dra Martina John all the questions they simply had to get answers to.  “Why did you leave Germany, where you can get everything you want, to found this hospital?”

That afternoon a city hall bus brought the group to the village’s local mountain and to the banks of the Apurimac River.  A hearty dinner served at the Restaurant San Mateo brought an eventful day to a close.  A special “dankeschön” to Doris Manco who prepared all the particulars of the day.  The costs of the bus transfers, food and presents were all covered by donations.

On a mountain ridge above Curahuasi.
Jenny Frank (right) organised an extensive tour through the missionary hospital.  Here looking at the group through the CT.
Taking a short rest outside the dental clinic.
Dr Martina John welcomed the winners in our TV-Studio.
Doris Manco (centre) had prepared everything with our Media Team.
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