The victims of an attempted scam did not let themselves be deceived

A short report by Martin and Adelheid Seegräber

…my wife and I recently became victims of a scam via WhatsApp. At the most inconvenient moment, when we were very distracted, my wife’s cell phone received what appeared to be a call for help from our son in Berlin. We were to send several thousand euros to a specific bank account twice via real-time wire transfer. Normally, we are quite sensitive to such cases and are aware of the risks. But since we couldn’t reach our son by phone, we just did it. When I read such a case in the newspaper the next day, I immediately realized that we had also fallen for this scam. A call to the bank confirmed the loss of the money. Irretrievable, annoying and even painful for us as pensioners.

A day later, I checked the account balance again and miraculously, the receiving bank had transferred all the money back without our intervention. We could hardly believe our luck and so we decided to donate a part of the amount…/M.S.

Call from the editorial office to the Seegräber family. “How did you actually become aware of Diospi Suyana?” M.S.: A good five years ago, my wife and I saw an article about Diospi Suyana on Youtube. We then ordered the books and have been part of the circle of supporters ever since.

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