The Story of Rolando

Rolando grew up in the slums of Lima. At the age of 5 yrs he pulled a pot off the stove and was burned on his left arm and torso by the boiling hot water. The burns eventually healed, but caused severe scarring resulting in his arm being contracted against his body, thus rendering it un-usable.

Thirteen years passed by until a missionary decided to try to help him by paying for his bus fare to travel 1000km over the Andean mountains to Hospital Diospi Suyana.

Last week surgeon, Dr Michael Stathis, was able to operate on the scars and finally allow free movement of the arm. He did this by using a large skin graft over the shoulder area.

The cost of this treatment has been fully covered by Diospi Suyana´s charity funds. We want to take this opportunity to thank each of you who make it possible for us to help patients like Rolando.

We thank you that you make it for us possible Roland to help.

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