The “God room-concept”

Bob Pierce has been a real mover all his life. He founded the disaster relief agency “World Vision” and later on “Samaritan Purse”.

The secret of his incredible success was his “God Room-Conzept”. Franklin Graham quotes his longtime friend Bob, who died 1991 of leukemia, in his autobiography.

“You see, Franklin,” Bob continued, “faith isn’t required as long as you set your goal as high as the most intelligent, most informed, and expert human efforts can reach.”

Bob illustrated what he meant by telling me of a church in the United States that had set a goal to raise one hundred thousand dollars to refurbish the church. The church leaders appealed to the congregation and collected seventy-five thousand. They still needed twenty-five. So what did they do?

“They formed a committee, and members of that committee visited each church member and encouraged them to give more so they could meet their obligation. And they met it. Okay, that’s what human strategy and planning can do. Nothing wrong with that, Buddy, but just don’t call it faith.”

“Now, here’s how faith works.” Bob told me about another church, which outgrew its building and needed to enlarge. Members pledged two hundred thousand dollars for the expansion.

“About that time, a missionary couple from India came home on furlough and worshipped with the congregation. They told about the hellhole of Calcutta. the people could hardly believe what they heard. The couple never asked for anything, just shared the needs of the homeless, starving children they were trying to care for.

“You know what, Buddy? The board of the church got so involved with that vision, they voted to take the entire two hundred thousand dollars and give it to the missionaries for their work.”

Later on I learned that this church became one of the fastest growing congregations in the United States and completed several building programs.

“Their giving the money to the missionaries-that was faith.” Then Bob got to the point: “That’s where the “God room” comes in. Nothing is a miracle until it reaches the area where the utmost that human effort can do still isn’t enough. God has to fill that space – that room – between what’s possible and what He wants done that’s impossible. That’s what I mean by “God room”.

Bob stood up and faced me. He tapped me on the chest, emphazising each word with a thump of his index finger: “You don’t exercise faith until you have promised more than It’s possible to give.”

Diospi Suyana has been from the very beginnen a “God room-conzept”.

Do you feel the longing at times to experience God in his greatmes? KDJ

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