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The pledge

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We were not unprepared for the news of her death, but it still hit us extremely hard.  My mother died on 12th February 2010.  I immediately booked a flight in order to attend her funeral.  “Even if everyone else cries, I will not!“ I called to my wife before leaving.  Mourning is important, but please no sentimentalism.  A few days later, however, in Wiesbaden everything was different.  No one cried, but me.

My mother was a brave woman.

As common in many circles a coffee-and-cake-event took place in the rooms of a church building.  During the event one guest after another stood up and spoke about his/her experiences with the lady that we four children had called “Mama”.

I finally also stood up and cleared my throat: “The Bible promises us eternal life, if we trust in Jesus Christ,” I started slowly, addressing the roughly 75 people present.  “But if we are absolutely honest, it is hard to believe that life continues after death!”

I stopped, trying to order my thoughts.  Is the resurrection not a religious dogma thought up by simple minds living in prescientific times?  The vast majority of people living today in the former Christian Occident is fairly sure that the resurrection will happen when the cows come home, i.e. never.

I then started to speak about the essentials to those present: Paul wrote that God has given us the Holy Spirit as a pledge, as an insurance that all the other promises in the Bible will also be fulfilled in their own time! (2 Corinthians, 5:1-6) – one could call the Holy Spirit ‘the pledge’ for us Christians.

But what is the Holy Spirit?  Why does this “invisible Power of God” give us the surety that the resurrection is waiting as a historical event?

The Holy Spirit is no brain-washing, nor wishful thinking.  It is also not something to make fun of.  It is the power of the Almighty that we can experience in our daily lives.  Every answer to prayer in desperate situations and the famous “continuous red thread” that runs like a recurrent theme through our lives in a supernatural way are pointers to God – The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Countless stories documented in minute detail.  If you take God out of the equation, how then do you want to explain these 750 pages?

Every life runs its own unique course.  God knows 1,001 possibilities of how to lead us.  If God answers us, we can be taken totally by surprise.  The three books about Diospi Suyana’s story give even agnostics an inkling that a Power – not of this world – is working its purpose out.  And why should I doubt in God’s future faithfulness, if he acts convincingly and visibly today?

I would like to give an example: countless big and small parties are active in Peru.  I was contacted last August by a politician who asked me to present Diospi Suyana’s vision to his party’s leader.  The meeting really did take place in the party’s headquarters in Lima.  Four people apart from me were present.

During the large political upheaval last November the Peruvian Congress chose a compromise candidate to be Head of State who would lead the country between Martín Vizcarras’ departure and the start of a new legislative term on 28th July.  And “by chance” Franzisco Sagasti belonged to just that party.

Head of State Franzisco Sagasti framed by my wife and I.

Two days after returning to Curahuasi I called the former contact person requesting a meeting with the Head of State.  Exactly one week later the Peruvian President accompanied by two ministers landed on our hospital compound.  Everyone was surprised when it occurred on 24th March.  That evening I headed back to Europe in order to attend some important appointments.  (Currently I am back in Lima.)

There are ten thousands of schools and medical institutions who would love it, if the President visited them.  But he landed on our helipad a week after I had tentatively knocked on the door of a simple member of his party.  I must add that I had prayed for months that such a constellation of persons would come to Curahuasi.  And in his mercy God answered my prayer.  Under “Media” on our website you can find an interview that was broadcast by Bibel TV last November in which I mention that I am sure that a meeting with Sagasti will happen.  Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FQpsPr2FLI

We can reduce God’s miracles to chance or coincidence.  But if HE acts purposefully again and again in our lives, one must at some point call these leadings what they really are: God’s interventions and interest in our personal lives.  And because the power of the Holy Spirit can be experienced in 2021 just as Peter and Paul did some two thousand years ago, we can all look forward to the resurrection of the dead. /KDJ

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