State of emergency is the normal state of play

Growth is a sign of life

Oebele de Haan is thinking about building further operating theatres.  The media team is waiting for a second building with at least 10 offices.  The Kindergarten in the Colegio will get three new large classrooms.  Engineer Udo Klemenz and his team are currently working exceptionally hard at the orthopaedic workshop and the hospital extensions.  When will peace and quiet finally come?  Why did not we plan the Hospital, the Colegio and the Media Centre larger from the start?  The answer lies in the nature of Christian missionary organisations: they either grow steadily or dwindle away.

Tenwek-Hospital in Kenya was founded 80 years ago.  Since its beginning it has constantly been extended.  The noise of construction is part and parcel of everyday life there.

Of course the noise does at times disturb the running of the missionary hospital, but we gladly pay this price.  Diospi Suyana’s expansion goes in step with the increased number of missionaries and staff which goes hand in hand with the increase in patient numbers.  We have so much to do, so let’s get on with it.

We are not talking here about “holy actionism,” but are prepared to face new challenges as and when they come.  The talents we have been given by God are there to be used.  In a couple of years we would be delighted if Diospi Suyana had doubled in size.  But the most important thing is that we never lose our focus: to help the poor and proclaim faith in God. /KDJ

The logo of the famous Tenwek-Hospital in Kenya: “We treat. Jesus heals.”
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