After 12 years…

… Family Tielmann get down to business

It was back in 2005 as a medical student that Thomas Tielmann first heard about Diospi Suyana.  His aunt told him about the plans for a missionary hospital in Peru.  A couple of weeks later he read a long article in the insurance magazine MLP entitled: “Life-project Peru.”  The article hit home with the seven year old boy, living in Siegburg at the time: “When I grow up I want to become a missionary doctor.”

Today the graduated vascular surgeon is so close to realising his dream as never before.  In February 2018 he wants to leave for Peru.  His wife, Hanna, is a qualified dentist who has gained missionary experience in Kenya.  She shares her husband’s dream.

Their parents will miss their grandchildren sorely and have a crystal clear opinion on missionary work: “We cannot say that we pro-missionary work,” says Hanna’s father, “But if it concerns one’s own children, we are against it!”

Since 2005 the two doctors have watched Diospi Suyana from the audience, now they are coming on stage.  What is remarkable about the two of them is their calm determination.  A German saying goes: “still waters run deep!” One more thing does need to be said about them: they are devout Christians.  Their commitment to the Hospital Diospi Suyana has more to do with their faith in God than with satisfying their adventurous spirit.

We wish Family Tielmann a good and blessed time of preparation.  Having waited 12 years before their dream became a reality, perhaps a 12 year stint in Curahuasi would fit perfectly into this pattern…!  In 2029 we will all know more. /KDJ

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