Are you the 2 millionth visitor to our website?

Be on your toes, since it could be you

For ten years know we have been publishing news from “The World of Diospi Suyana” on this website.  The webpage is maintained in Deutsch, English and español.  3,500 more visitors need to access our website so that we reach the “2 million visitor mark.”

Send us a screenshot with the magic number 2,000,000 – we would be delighted if you could also write a short comment to “Diospi Suyana”.

Since IP-addresses are only counted once a day it is possible that there will be more than one “2 millionth visitor”!  The prize(s) is a photobook about Peru and a packet of original aniseed tea direct from Curahuasi.  The offer is only valid while stocks last.

If you want to win the 2 millionth visitor prize here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Keep your eyes fixed on our website;
  • Set your alarm clock to wake you up every two hours during the night;
  • Drink a cup of strong Turkish coffee every night in order that fatigue won’t get the better of you in the early morning hours;
  • So that you are always on the ball either take annual leave or feign illness;
  • Reformat your hard drive so that a virus won’t annihilate your chances;
  • Make sure your computer battery does not run out;
  • Set up an emergency power generator next to your desk.  Even though power cuts are rare in Europe, you should be prepared for everything…;
  • Browse through the archives so that you will be able to write that fantastic short comment;
  • Start tonight, since time is running out.

We keep our fingers crossed that it will work.  Kind regards, your Editorial Team.


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