School Construction: A Race Against Time

Dear Friends, The gym construction progressed nicely this week. After being busy with form and reinforcement work in the bleachers area for the last three weeks, we finally moved on to pouring the concrete for the slated sustaining structure. The pillars are also coming along and the two brick layers just finished the first parts of the walls. Now, you can finally tell what we are building, which is very motivational for the whole team.

The window frames for buildings 3 and 4 are almost finished, the only thing missing: the window glass. Since we like the work the window installer has been doing, we will also have him do the science center. 

We are still somewhat concerned about the roofing, as that work just keeps dragging on. Three quarters of the roofs are finished but quite a bit remains to be done, including the gutters.

We have kicked off the preschool construction with the foundation work.

Greetings from Curahuasi!

The construction team, Johannes and Udo

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