To be afraid of the results

This question we all know and has existed since the beginning of humanity. The doctor is looking at the history from the patient. One moment later he will explain the results of the pathological exams. A neurologist reads the EEG results for our children. Now is the moment of truth. Will our child live or die?  Will our family go through the valley of the shadow of death, where fear rules and frightening cliffs of sadness loom on the horizon?


Everybody is afraid in such moments, Christians and non-Christians alike. However, there’s a big difference between Christians and non-Christians. A Christian has a hope and a perspective of life triumphing over death. On the contrary, an atheist is defenceless before his fate. He looks at himself as no more than a dust particle in the evolution process who will lose his battles with time and the universe.


Sometimes, while conversing with atheists, I detect a measure of arrogance when they look at me with a compassionate smile. I ask myself, “What are they proud of?

I wouldn’t like to change places with them and live without sense, hope and security. /KDJ

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